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We helped many clients in reducing their loan burden by revising their interest rate whereby saved substantial on their repayments.

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It’s not only time to revisit your loan, but also to see if a top-up would help you to address your current financial needs! We offer top up loans attractive rates.

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Here is an opportunity to Reduce your EMI or Loan Tenure

We provide excellent services to our clients and help them in reducing their existing loan EMI or tenure, results in huge savings!!

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We work with all the major banks & NBFCs

We work with some of the great banks and NFBCs across the country, and we together ensure to give you the best Housing, Mortgage, and top-up loans that meet your today’s requirements.

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  • 03Get your loan revised
    We will review your information and offer you the best interest rates. Either you can reduce the loan tenure or EMIs. End of it, its savings!!

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people had the opportunity to revise there loans with us in the last 2 weeks

Here from our clients

We extended our help to our customers to reward with the precious gift – Their “DREAM HOME”. We always love to see a smile on their face. Here from them about Revise your loan.

“I had a good experience with Revise your Loan Services. I am thankful for all the help you guys gave me. With your help, I could save almost 6 lakhs from my loan repayment. Thank you Revise your loan”



“We called Revise your loan and within 3 days, they changed my loan interest rate from 12% to 7%. Wow, I am very happy with their service and they helped me to save 5% on my loan interest. Kudos to the team!”

Akansha Gupta


“I loved the customer service you guys provided me. Very nice and courteous staff! Revise your loan helped me in reducing my loan tenure and thus my loan is getting close 3 yearly early! I would really recommend them!”



“What an experience it is! Initially I thought this as a marketing approach, but you guys made it. Now my Home loan EMI is as low as my Car Loan EMI. I am investing the savings for my kids!”

Praveen Kumar


Frequently Asked questions

When you revise your loan, you are offered two options, either you can choose to reduce your EMIs, or else you can cut the tenor or the duration of your loan.
In most cases, while taking a loan, The Marginal Cost of Funds Lending (MCLR) and the Prime Lending Rates (PLR) are not associated with the RBI Repo rate. The revision of the rates is also an annual affair which results in having the loan rate of interest on the higher side. We help you by availing the loans at RBI repo linked rates, which makes you save more money on your interest rates. This is why it is highly advisable to change the loan from your existing banker.
After changing the banks for your existing loans. your payment will not be affected as most banks only charge the rate of interest and EMIs. And as we are reducing the rate of interest, so either your EMI will be reduced or your loan will be closed earlier.
While switching banks for home loans you will be completely eligible for all the deductions as earlier. However, this doesn't apply if you are taking an additional loan that doesn't fall under your eligibility criteria.
Revising your home loan can automatically make you save up to 20% by reducing the rate of interest. And when the balance repayment is higher, your savings will automatically be higher.
When you try to change the RBI Repo rates with the existing banker, you will be asked to pay an application fee but even then, the RBI Repo rates and the rate of interest will turn out to be more expensive for you due to the bank margins. This is the reason why it is highly advised to change your bank instead.
By switching the bank for your existing loan, your loan rates will get revised. And as most of the time, the loans are availed at higher rates, you can actually save a huge amount by having your loan revised. This will ultimately help you in cutting down the EMIs or the duration of your loan.
Most of the times, the loans are under floating rates, which directly means that you will not be required to pay any kind of closure charge to change your bank for the loan. However, if you have opted for a Fixed Rate of Interest, then there are some pre-closure charges applicable in your case. In order to avoid paying any additional cost for the closure, you can change your Fixed rate of interest to Floating rates first and then go for closing the loan with the bank.
Take your first step towards savings!!

Our team can assist you in revising your existing loan! We deal with the best banks and NBFCs in India and can help you to stay ahead with your personal goals. We have a wide experience in home loans, mortgage loans, lease rental discounting and top-up loans.